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Heavy Duty Weld on Barrel Style Hinges

Our heavy duty gate hinges are turned from solid 1018 Cold Rolled Steel at our shop in Hico, Texas. Langley Metal Works hinges are machined in pairs (male and female) to ensure the most exact fit possible. In addition to the precision fit, our hinges come standard with a 1.5" x 3.5" x 3/8" thick weld pad, solid steel ball bearing, and grease fitting. Additionally, our hinges have a larger diameter pin, longer pin, and more wall thickness than most import "heavy duty" hinges being sold. The extra material and tight fit ensures the virtually no play in these heavy duty hinges.
Typically you will need to purchase 2 hinges for a single swing gate and 4 hinges for double swing gate.

8" long x 1.5" wide in size. When installed each hinge will take up 2" of space between a gate and a post.

Instructions will be included in your order.

Heavy Duty Weld on Barrel Style Hinges